Calcium ammonium nitrate

Agricultural use of ammonium ammonium nitrate

Agricultural use of ammonium ammonium nitrate

Product performance and characteristics

This product is based on the growth law of fruits, vegetables, tobacco, cotton and crops and the characteristics of their nutrition. It is an environmentally benign and steroid free international high-tech product. Its calcium content is high, it is a super concentrated type, quick supplement of calcium and nitrogen supplementation of quick effect fertilizer, can also detoxify and solve the harm, is the effect of other chemical fertilizers. The root, stem, leaf, flower and fruit of the fruit tree have a unique health care effect.

This product has the physiological activity of activating plant and fruit cells, protecting flowers and fruits, increasing fruit sweetness and vitamin C content, and coloring. The fruit adding type Zhou Zheng is hard, solid, durable, storable and resistant to transportation, and the yield is increased to 23-52%. Resistance and disease resistance, can effectively inhibit the invasion and resist cracking disease, ulcer disease, anthracnose, scab, rot, leaf, leaf, fruit, fruit deformity disease.


(1) tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries and other melon fruits

(1) base application: before planting, 1 bags (2.5 kg) per mu (2.5 kg) mixed nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and farmyard manure were mixed deeply.

(2): fertilizer after flowering fruit stage, 1 bags per acre (2.5 kg), water soluble, combined with irrigation, uniform watering furrow. Once every 20 days, the growth period of 2-3 times the best, disease resistance increase, increase more than 40%.

(two) peach, apple, pear, grape, cherry, chestnut, peanut, potato, sweet potato (fertilizer) per bag (2.5 kg) combined with early spring balance fertilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and manure mixed in early spring, after thawing timely scientific application into a variety of fruit tree canopy projection Rhizosphere (multi point), anti stretching more than 2cm, disease resistance and yield increase fruit size, fruit surface smooth and bright...... Increase the output by more than 50%

(root crops before planting with other basic fertilizer)

This product is easy to be dampened but does not affect the use effect

Matters needing attention

(1) the date of warranty: five years.

(2) the content of effective ingredients: n = 14.5% water soluble calcium oxide is not less than 25%; potassium amount; zinc, boron, molybdenum, iron, aluminum, copper, manganese: moderate.

Reference for judgement of calcium deficiency in crops

(1): root dysplasia, hair root scarce, root dry dead roots, brown ring.

(2): stem stems thin, plant height and growth is weak, premature yellowing leaves, prematurely senile.

(3) leaf: young, old leaf curly and concave and convex, leaf tip Zhanhua...

(4) flower: flower stem blight, flower buds not vibrate, undesirable, no result, little fruit.

(5): Fruit reduced fruit, fruit, soft rot, brown, brown rot (Botrytis cinerea).

Technical indicators
Product Name Agricultural use of ammonium ammonium nitrate
Appearance Granular, no mechanical impurity
Mass fraction of total nitrogen [N] ≥15.5 %
Mass fraction of water-soluble calcium [Ca] ≥18 %
Particle size (1.00mm - 4.75mm)% ≥90%
Water insoluble matter ≤1.5%
Mass fraction of free water (H2O) ≤3.5%
Mercury (Hg) (by element meter) mg/Kg ≤5
Arsenic (AS) (by element meter) mg/Kg ≤10
Cadmium (Cd) (by element meter) mg/Kg ≤10
Lead (Pb) (by element meter) mg/Kg ≤50
Chromium (Cr) (by element meter) mg/Kg ≤50
PH 5-7