Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate

quality standard

HG T 3787-2005

Physicochemical properties

Four water calcium nitrate as white columnar crystal, monoclinic with alpha and beta two crystal. The relative density is 1.82, the melting point of 39.7 DEG C, about the decomposition at 40 DEG C, heated to 151 DEG C completely dehydrated into anhydrous calcium nitrate water, heated to 500 DEG C, calcium nitrate decomposition of calcium nitrite and release oxygen, continue to heat is decomposed into calcium oxide and nitrogen oxide gas. Soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone, methyl acetate and ammonia. Calcium nitrate as oxidant, moisture, easily deliquescent in the air.


Colorless crystallization, easy to tide solution, there are two kinds of crystals, a crystal, relative density of 1.896, melting point 39.7 degrees C, heating to 132 C decomposition. It is soluble in water, ethanol and acetone. Insoluble in nitric acid and oxidizing, contact with flammable products can cause combustion, corrosiveness, and burns.


Mainly used for refrigerants and cement antifreeze, the iron and steel industry and city sewage treatment phosphating agent, also used in the manufacture of fireworks and other agricultural fertilizer on nitrate, available for acid soil.

Technical indicators
Inspection project Indicators
The content of calcium nitrate to Ca (NO3) 2 - 4H2O]% > 99
Water insoluble% less than 0.01
[SO42-] sulfate content% less than 0.02
The contents of heavy metals [calculated Pb2+]% = by 0.0005
[calculated by Pb2+] =% iron content 0.0007
[calculated by = Cl-]% chloride 0.01
[calculated by = N]% n 11.75
[calculated by Ca] =% calcium content 16.6
PH 5.0-7.0