Water soluble fertilizer

Speed feng 88

Speed feng 88

Product performance and characteristics.

This product is rich in calcium nitrate mother liquor and potassium yellow humic acid, chelating a variety of medium elements and a new organic inorganic liquid fertilizer.

(1) promote absorption and balance the nutritional needs of crops.

(2) promote flower bud differentiation and increase the fruit rate.

(3) anti - stubble, anti - plank, effective prevention of all kinds of physiological deficiency symptoms.

(4) swelling, anti-cracking and improving fruit quality.

(5) enhance photosynthesis, improve chlorophyll content and improve drought tolerance.

Active ingredients

Ca(NO3)2 mother liquor: 60%, yellow rot potassium: 10%, amino acid, soil conditioner, etc.

Applicable to crops and methods of use.

This product is suitable for the cultivation of crops in open and protected areas.

This product is quick effect fertilizer, should master the principle of "eat less and eat more", "see seedling fertilizer", can replace fertilizer completely, satisfy the need of all kinds of crops to nutrient.


Use this product for 8 to 10 kg per mu. After the water is diluted with water, water will be poured into the root or water. The soil is suitable for soaking wet land. It is generally used for 3 to 5 times during the whole growth period, depending on the fertilizer requirement.

Drip irrigation

With 5-8kg for each mu, water is diluted with water before drip irrigation, which can replace chemical fertilizer and realize water-saving agriculture and scientific fertilizer.

Matters needing attention

A small amount of precipitation does not affect the applicable effect. Cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizer. Dilute before use.

Net weight: 25kg shelf life: 36 months.

Execution standard: ny2266-2012 production date: see the certificate or the spray code.