Water soluble fertilizer

Potassium rich water soluble fertilizer

Potassium rich water soluble fertilizer

Potassium and calcium in aqueous solution containing organic liquid fertilizer industry the most authoritative combination of nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, biological efficiency of potassium oxide, zinc chelate complex, growth promoting, anti cracking, boron strains, Gen Wang sweetened grace, promoting flower and fruit, swollen elongated.

Product performance and characteristics

This product is developed by the trace elements of Tianji fine chemical liquid liquor chelating biochemical fulvic acid potassium, amino acid and organic matter in a water soluble fast, promote nutrient transformation, soil improvement, Chongcha absorption.

(1) this product has the smallest molecular weight, fast absorption and quick effect.

(2) the original solution of potassium fulvate is rich in all water soluble organic matter and has a very significant effect on the improvement of soil and the release of the fixed phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the release of soil.

(3) enhanced photosynthesis, germination, leaf growth to symmetry, increase the content of chlorophyll, improve the drought tolerance.

(4) fruit, elongated uniform, effectively prevent deformity, cracking, hollow, frozen fruit.
(5) improve the toughness of fruit peel cells and improve the storage and transportation resistance.

(6) to increase the yield and improve the quality of the fruit, it can make the fruit colourful and increase the sugar content of the fruit, and improve the ability of crop resistance to disease, drought and salt.

active ingredient

Calcium ammonium nitrate liquor: 60% potassium fulvic acid: 10%, potassium, phosphorus, amino acid, protein, energy enzyme, soil conditioner and other trace elements amount.

Applicable crops and methods of use

This product is suitable for crops in the open and protected fields.

This product is quick acting fertilizer, we should master the principle of "eat less food and eat less" and "watch seedling fertilization". It can completely replace chemical fertilizer and meet the needs of various crops for nutrient.