Water soluble fertilizer

Water soluble fertilizer

Water soluble fertilizer

Product performance and characteristics

This product is rich in calcium nitrate solution and fulvic acid potassium puree, elements and various chelating a new inorganic organic liquid fertilizer.

(1) promote absorption and balance the nutritional needs of crops.

(2) promote flower bud differentiation and increase the rate of fruit sitting.

(3) anti cropping, anti hardening, effective prevention of various physiological nitrogen deficiency symptoms.

(4) fruit fast, anti cracking and improve the quality of fruit.

(5) enhance photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll content, improve drought resistance and cold tolerance.

active ingredient

Ca (NO3) 2 mother liquid: 60%, potassium fulvate: 10%, amino acids, soil conditioner, and other trace elements in the appropriate amount.

Applicable crops and methods of use

This product is suitable for crops in the open and protected fields.

This product is quick acting fertilizer, we should master the principle of "eat less food and eat less" and "watch seedling fertilization". It can completely replace chemical fertilizer and meet the needs of various crops for nutrient.

usage and dosage

The use of this product 8-10 kg per mu, first diluted with water dissolved, with irrigated Shi root or fertilizer irrigation, wet land is appropriate, generally applicable to the 3-5 in the whole growth period, as crop fertilizer and.

Drip irrigation

The use of 5-8KG per mu, first water dilution and drip irrigation, can replace chemical fertilizer to achieve water-saving agriculture and scientific fertilizer.

Matters needing attention

A small amount of precipitation does not affect the application effect, and the agitation is uniform before use. It can't be used mixed with alkaline fertilizer. It needs to be diluted before use.