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Strengthen modern agricultural construction and increase far

The National Conference on agricultural production and forest grassland fire prevention in spring was held in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province in from March 20th to 21st.

The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, made important instructions. Pointed out instructions: unrelenting grasp of agricultural and rural work especially in the current agricultural production in the spring, is crucial to the overall economic and social development. All localities and departments should firmly establish the new concept of development and deployment in accordance with the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, through the deepening of reform, focus on the transformation of agricultural development, strengthen the construction of modern agriculture, to guide farmers to market-oriented optimization of planting structure, accelerate the development of various forms of moderate scale management of agriculture, and actively promote the 123 industry integration and development, continuous improvement the overall efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture, increase the farmers' income. To seize the farming season, and carry out the spring plowing, strengthen policy support, good co-ordination, poverty alleviation, forest and grassland fire water conservancy construction and flood control and drought relief work, to ensure the realization of the "13th Five-Year" of agricultural and rural development is a good start.

Wang Yang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and vice premier of the State Council, attended the meeting and spoke. He stressed the importance of conscientiously carrying out the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's important instructions, meticulously deploying, elaborately organizing and carrying out every work of agricultural production in spring, and constantly creating new prospects for the development of agriculture and rural areas.

Wang Yang stressed that the main contradiction of agriculture in China has been transformed from a total shortage to a structural contradiction. The supply and demand of agricultural products are coexisting at the same time, so we must vigorously promote the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture. We should improve the mechanism of the price formation of agricultural products, strengthen the agricultural technology guidance service, and guide the farmers to adjust the production structure according to the market demand. We should increase the production of scarce agricultural products, vigorously develop animal husbandry and grain intensive processing, and promote grain to feed, co-ordination and planting and raising, so as to comprehensively improve the comprehensive efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. We should strengthen agricultural infrastructure construction such as high standard farmland and improve grain production capacity. We will promote the integration and development of the 123 industries in rural areas, and increase the income of farmers in many ways. According to the market price, price up separation principle, actively and steadily push forward the reform of corn storage system, properly reduce the non dominant corn area, protect farmers' income reasonably.

Wang Yang stressed that we should earnestly do the spring plowing, agricultural supply and quality supervision, and promote the pest Commission ruled against green control. We should improve the farmland water conservancy facilities, strengthen the meteorological service and prepare the flood control and drought resistance. We should speed up the construction of forestry. We should fully implement the responsibility of forest grassland fire prevention, strengthen prevention and control measures, and resolutely avoid major forest and grassland fires and major casualties. The arduous task of poverty alleviation, should be determined to make efforts to speed up the progress of stepping up, orderly to resettle, poverty alleviation and other industrial poverty alleviation initiatives, to ensure the completion of the task of poverty.