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A weak "soil ten" brewed machine with compound fertilizer

The wheat harvest began, local hail damage, which makes the fertilizer market light and then cast shadows. However, the introduction of "ten soil" is expected to bring new opportunities for the compound fertilizer industry.

This week, the compound fertilizer enterprise continued to deal with the stock, the start rate continued to decrease and the price remained weak. As of now, Shandong 45% sulfur based compound fertilizer mainstream factory price 2050 ~ 2150 yuan (ton price, the same below); Hubei 45% sulfur based compound fertilizer from 2050 to 2100 yuan, 45% chlorine based compound fertilizer 1800 yuan; Jiangsu 45% chlorine based compound fertilizer 1700 yuan, 40% chlorine based high nitrogen low ex factory price of 1500 yuan. According to the market feedback, a small number of enterprises have been collecting for corn fertilizer in the northeast. Because the corn acreage reduction, corn fertilizer market shrinking, plus Henan, Shanxi and other places were hail storm, affect the summer fertilizer sales.

The weak market is expected, and the industry is more concerned about the future market. In May 28th, the State Council issued the action plan for the prevention and control of soil pollution, referred to as "ten soil". It is found that the compound fertilizer industry is expected to find a good market opportunity from pollution prevention to environmental protection, and then to soil environmental management.

The sixth requirement is "strengthening the supervision of pollution sources and doing a good job of soil pollution prevention". By 2020, the utilization rate of fertilizers and pesticides has increased to more than 40%. The coverage rate of soil testing and formula fertilization has increased to more than 90%. This will provide more market opportunities for enterprises to promote soil formula fertilizer. In addition, fertilizer with the function of soil remediation and remediation will be the main support of the country. Eighth "intensify R & D and promoting the development of the industry of environmental protection" put forward, improve the coverage of soil environment investigation, analysis and testing, risk assessment, control and repair engineering design and construction and other aspects of the mature industry chain, the formation of a number of comprehensive strength of the dragon head Enterprises, cultivating a number of vibrant small and medium sized enterprises.

In addition, agriculture related funds will also be inclined to the priority protection type of cultivated land. The ninth requirement is that agricultural development funds, high standard farmland construction, irrigation and water conservancy construction, farmland protection and quality improvement, soil testing and formula fertilization should be used for priority in protecting the counties (cities and districts) where farmland is concentrated. "Ten articles of soil" stipulates that the technical guide for classification of soil environmental quality in agricultural land is issued by the end of 2017. Before the end of 2020, the list of agricultural land classification, such as priority protection, safety utilization, strict control and priority protection, was completed by the end of the year. People in the industry believe that the list of agricultural land classification will be an important basis for the enterprise to divide the product market.

In June 2nd, the price of international compound fertilizer rose partly. The CIF price of 48% compound fertilizer in Southeast Asia is 360~370 yuan, rising by 5 US dollars on average. China's 48% compound fertilizer is 350~360 dollars, and the 62% compound fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 10%-26%-26%) of India is 300~315 US dollars, up 13 US dollars. The Baltic Sea bulk 48% compound fertilizer is $260~310 on the shore, rising by an average of $10.