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The analysis of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the af

As the supply side reform continues to advance, resource tax, environmental tax and carbon trading will be implemented. The environmental requirements of energy consumption indicators, cleaner production and air emissions will be more stringent. In the future, the overall situation of transformation and upgrading of enterprises will be more severe. This is the information obtained by the reporter from the 2017 Symposium on the sulphur and chemical fertilizer market, which is being held in Beijing.

In March 28th, CO sponsored by the association and China phosphatic compound fertilizer industry Chinese sulfuric acid industry association 2017 and sulfur fertilizer market seminar held in Beijing. From the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of land and resources, phosphate fertilizer association, Chinese sulfate Association, nitrogen Association, inorganic salt Association, international zinc association leaders, experts and fertilizer, sulfuric acid and raw material supply enterprises, fertilizer production and energy saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises, enterprises of comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, on behalf of the relevant advisory bodies and other units more than 150 participants.

National Agricultural Technology Extension and service center and director Xin Jingshu

"Under the background of agricultural supply side structural reform, the action of organic manure instead of chemical fertilizer in fruit and vegetable tea should be focused on, but formula fertilizer is still the main body." National Agricultural Technology Extension and service center and director Xin Jingshu said. He believes that China's chemical fertilizer application amount, high fertilizer per mu are not balanced, the problem of fertilization rate is low, the unbalanced structure of the use of organic fertilizer resources. In order to improve these problems, we need to set up the idea of increasing production, fertilizing, economic fertilization and environmental fertilize, depending on the progress of science and technology, advancing the field of formula fertilizer, improving the way of fertilization, and promoting the action of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer. Although the problem of chemical fertilizer application is outstanding, the substitution of organic fertilizer 100% for chemical fertilizer is not realistic. Optimizing the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, promoting the cooperation of large elements and trace elements, and promoting soil testing and formula fertilization are the most feasible solutions at present.

Zhao Lei, an analyst at CRU

"The proportion of sulphur - making acid in 2017 will fall by 20%." Zhao Lei, an analyst at CRU, told reporters. He said the contradiction between supply and demand also plagued the sulphur market, and the game of the downstream market decided the price trend. 2016 sulfur market showing a striking one snag after another "W" type, trend, in 2017 the market will once again down sulfur. With the diversification of the acid making methods, the proportion of sulphur making acid will also fall, but the amplitude should not be particularly large.

Chen Guofu, vice president of the China Inorganic Salt Industry Association

"The future of China's potash market is very unlikely to warm back, will wander in the downturn, in 2017, the price of potash fertilizer overall low position." Chen Guofu, deputy director of the China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, looks forward to the future market of potash fertilizer. He also put forward the following suggestions on trace elements in fertilizer industry: adhere to innovation, increase market development; play to the market mechanism, enhance the competitiveness of the industry; increase safety and environmental protection investment, promote the production of large-scale equipment and automation; strengthen market supervision, standardize the new type of fertilizer market; on a global, diversified development, improve the ability of international business in advance; trace element fertilizer group standards.

Director of the Ministry of information Chinese phosphate fertilizer industry association Wang Ying

"In 2017, the overall stability of China's phosphate fertilizer industry." Director of the Ministry of Information Industry Association Wang Ying said China phosphate and compound fertilizer. The overcapacity situation in China has not been reversed, and the overcapacity rate is still nearly 35%, she said. However, because of the decline in output, although exports have decreased slightly, the balance of supply and demand still narrowed. The raw material is also facing the situation of oversupply, and the price increases little. However, influenced by the new environmental protection policy, the pressure of safety and environmental protection is increasing, and the investment of environmental protection is improved.

Li Chong, Secretary General of China Sulphuric Acid Industry Association

"In the future, the production of sulphuric acid may gradually enter the downlink." Li Chong, Secretary General of China sulphuric acid industry association, believes that demand is weak and supply and demand are prominent. Policy pressure is the main reason for future decline in sulphuric acid production. Meanwhile, demand growth is weak and price downward pressure is huge. Smelting acid will further squeeze sulphuric acid and pyrite based acid market share based on cost advantages. "There are challenges and opportunities, as long as the enterprises to seize the resolving overcapacity, domestic carbon trading market," The Belt and Road "and a series of national strategic adjustment opportunity, digging their own potential, the industry reshuffle, will usher in a new spring."

"The situation in the nitrogen fertilizer market will improve in 2017, but the competition is still fierce." Gao Li, Deputy Secretary General of China nitrogenous fertilizer industry association, said that with the steady progress of production capacity, overcapacity has been alleviated, while the steady growth of raw materials will play a supporting role in the price. At the same time, the market of chemical products such as methanol and liquid ammonia will be positive, and it will also play a positive role in the urea market.

Gao Li, vice secretary general of the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association

The reporter interviewed on the sidelines of the conference delegates, we have said that the excess capacity, environmental pressure, price growth situation, we feel more and more prominent contradictions for the fertilizer industry, the deep-seated problems have been exposed, enterprise future today, it is important to rethink the strategy and direction of development, deepen the internal reform, the formation of industry force, promote the upgrading of the industry as a whole. (Jiao Zixuan Xu Xiaolei)