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Safety and environmental protection do not relax the life of

In the December 18th meeting of the scheduled meeting, the leadership of the company stressed that the end of the year, safety and environmental protection for a moment can not relax. At the same time, the thermal power plant, the environmental energy department, the technology center and other units should continue to do a good job of "fine material, meticulous and delicate" to ensure the warmth of the workers and workers for the winter.

Party secretary, chairman Wang Qiang first emphasizes the environmental protection work safety, safety and environmental protection at the turn of the year, the moment can not relax, in particular, should strengthen the strict management, safety and environmental protection to do better.

Wang Qiang pointed out that the chemical fertilizer sales conference held in Kunming has strengthened the confidence of the product, but it also needs to be open and keep pace with the times.

Wang Qiang requirements, each unit should as soon as possible the 2017 year-end summary of the 2018 annual plan carefully organize, be concise and comprehensive, concise and to the point, content, thought.

General manager Chang Xuehua pointed out that "people's livelihood is no small matter". It is required that the thermal power plant, the Ministry of environmental protection, the energy technology department and other units should continue to do "concentrate, meticulous and meticulous" work to ensure that the workers and staff members spend the winter warm.

Chang Xuehua stressed that all units to the spirit of enterprise and responsible attitude, emancipate the mind, the spirit of "optimization, efficient and intelligent" principle, improve the personnel allocation staff work.

Deputy general manager Cui Huifeng, aniline, ammonium nitrate plant high load operation, to ensure the production safety. The specific work arranged at the quality conference held last week should be implemented as soon as possible to solve the problem. Cui Huifeng to end early safety work stressed that focusing on major risk sources, solid job security "work.

The Commission Secretary Guo Yuhong on the four good team assessment, honest and clean report and other work arrangements.