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The pleasant snow warm heart

The evening of December 13th, all the time and again snow came, Tianji land snow, snow in the backdrop of the production unit area particularly refreshing. Snow is the order, 14 days in the morning, each unit of their respective areas to remove the initiative to snow, to ensure the safety of road traffic safety and installation area patrol route safety.

From the living area along the central street into the factory, company, Equipment Manufacturing Company, news agency Tianji University and technology center, director of building construction company, staff are cleaning up the road and in the courtyard of the central unit of snow, the road basically had cleared the sidewalk.

Into the factory, armed security department, human resources department, trade unions, Party Work Department and the safety management department and other units are to clear the roads and snow, a pile of snow piled up to show positive work.

For the unit of ammonia plant, coal plant, plant, quality supervision department of thermal plant are also active in the snow, not only is the central road patrol route are also clean, create a safe travel conditions for inspection and inspection personnel.

On the way to the east gate of the factory, the staff at the center of the mining and supply center are carrying out the salt sprinkling operation, which not only plays the role of skid resistance, but also creates safety conditions for the vehicle up and down, and accelerates the melting speed of the snow. They will go from the ridge to the Wang Zhuang coal mine, and all the roads along the downhill will be salted to create a good foundation for the company to enter the coal