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Li Min, deputy director of the provincial science and Techno

The morning of December 8th, the deputy director of Shanxi provincial science and Technology Department of Li Min and Changzhi, Lucheng city leaders in charge of his company to technical innovation and transformation and upgrading of research supervision. The company led Chang Xuehua and Ding ming to accompany them.

In the company's model room, Chang Xuehua, general manager, briefly introduced the company's general situation to Li Min and his company, introduced the progress of management and technological innovation in recent years, and watched the promotional movie "impression of heaven ridge". Chang Xuehua said, Tianji Group has set up technology centers and R & D centers, based on the reality of enterprises, to achieve technological digestion, improvement and innovation of production devices. Business oriented, market-oriented, the establishment of enterprises and universities, research institutes innovation mechanism, integrate their superior resources, the joint development of technology, products and other fields, and promote the sharing of resources, improve the level of enterprise technology innovation, to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

In the dispatch and command center, Li Min has an understanding of the intelligentization of the key areas of the company's optimization system. Chang Xuehua gives a detailed description of how the company uses a large data platform to analyze the data and promote safety production. Chang Xuehua said, from the initial DCS transformation to the application of the large data system, a part of the intelligent operation was realized in the key positions. The application of big data not only optimizes the production system, but also achieves the purpose of production safety service through real-time analysis of device safety, and the quality of products is further guaranteed.

Li Min has fully affirmed the achievements of scientific research in recent years, and pointed out that technology is the first productive force of enterprises. The ridge pays attention to technological innovation, attaches importance to talent training and introduction, and persists in innovating as the driving force to continuously improve product quality and market competitiveness. We hope that Tianji will continue to increase the R & D and innovation of enterprises, further optimize the production process, and constantly promote the technological development of enterprises, and then promote the transformation and upgrading of the local regional economy.