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The Group Company solemnly convened the Working Meeting of t

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On April 27, the Group held the Party Committee Working Meeting and the Fourth and Third Staff Congresses in the Cultural Center. Wang Qiangzhao, secretary and chairman of the Party Committee of the Group Company, gave a report on the work of the Party Committee entitled "Taking the Party's political construction as the command, emancipating the mind, innovating and reinvigorating the work, and laying down a solid political guarantee for creating a new situation of high-quality development in Tianji". Chang Xuehua, general manager of the Group Company, made a report entitled "Adhering to market orientation and abiding by conscience". Report on Manufacturing and Building the High Quality Development Benchmark of China's Nitrochemical Industry. Group leaders Cui Huifeng, considerate, Jia Fengming, Wang Yanling, Wanfachen, Ding Minggong, Guo Yuhong, and joint-stock company leaders Yang Fuwang, Wei Wenbin, Tian Zhibin, Li Jianchuan and Shi Runping attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Health, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Corporation and Chairman of the Trade Union.
In his report on the work of the Party Committee, Wang Qiang pointed out that 2018 was the beginning of the full implementation of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party. Over the past year, under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial SASAC, and in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Party Committee of Lu'an Group Company, the Party Committee of the Company has adhered to the guiding ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, studied and carried out the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches in Shanxi, and continuously improved its administration. Govern the station, strengthen political construction, strengthen "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", faithfully practice "two safeguards", and firmly promote the normalization and institutionalization of "two learning and one doing" learning education. In the process of deepening reform and high-quality development of enterprises, we should adhere to the direction, overall situation, implementation and "exquisite production". The main line of production and operation of "deep market cultivation and risk control" has brought into full play the leading core and political core role of the Party organization, and has written a new chapter of the Party's construction and high-quality development of the company.
In his report on the work of the Party Committee, Wang Qiang reviewed the work of the Party Committee of the Group Company in 2018 from seven aspects: 1. under the leadership of political construction, earnestly practicing the "two resolute safeguards" and strengthening the cohesion and combat effectiveness; 2. adhering to the main line of production and operation, making new breakthroughs in the production and operation of enterprises; 3. strengthening the "three bases" construction; The construction level of grass-roots organizations has been improved; 4. Improving the incentive and fault-tolerant accountability mechanism and stimulating the new vitality of cadres and talents; 5. Strengthening the implementation of responsibilities and building a clean and Honest Party style; 6. Building a platform for activities to promote the integration of Party building and production and operation; 7. Strengthen propaganda and ideological education in an all-round way and achieve ideological work. New progress.
In his report on the work of the Party Committee, Wang Qiang carefully analyzed the current situation and tasks faced by enterprises. He emphasized that opportunities always favor those who are prepared and those who work hard. As long as we conform to the historical trend, take the initiative to seek change, firmly establish the self-confidence of Tianji, precisely work hard for a long time, do a solid job in the main business, and maintain the nature and solid work of Tianji, we will surely overcome many difficulties, adapt to the pace of the new era, and compose a splendid chapter of high-quality development.
In his report on the work of the Party Committee, Wang Qiang made detailed arrangements for the main work of the Party Committee this year: first, to strengthen political construction, carry out thematic education, take the "big discussion" as the lead, and firmly promote the high-quality development of enterprises; second, to give full play to the role of political core and leadership core, and strive to strengthen the awareness of risk prevention, and comprehensively enhance production and operation. Level and quality; 3. Fully play a leading role, strengthen responsibility and strive to build a contingent of high-quality cadres and talents; 4. Constantly consolidate the construction of grass-roots organizations, make good use of the carrier platform of Party building to provide strong organizational guarantee for the high-quality development of enterprises; 5. Strictly implement the "two responsibilities" and make good use of the "four forms". Build a clean atmosphere and a positive political ecology; Sixth, firmly grasp the ideological initiative, vigorously select models, create an atmosphere, and continue to build a new ridge of civilization and harmony; Seventh, give full play to the advantages of group organizations, and constantly cohere high-quality development efforts.
Chang Xuehua pointed out in his work report that in 2018, in the face of many difficulties and challenges, the majority of cadres and workers firmly adhere to the main line of "exquisite production, deep market cultivation, risk management and control", work hard, overcome difficulties, refine products, standardize the market, and truly do services. Benefits, production and operation have achieved the best results in the past seven years. The main manifestations are as follows: the production and operation targets are over-fulfilled, and it is gratifying that all subsidiaries are profitable; the refined production is fruitful, and the annual output of ammonium nitrate and aniline is up to the record; the market is deepening and advancing, forming the sales situation of fertilizer, chemical industry, oil products and health products. The steady pace of wind control has effectively guaranteed the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, the continuous improvement of safety and environmental protection, and the vigor of reform and innovation.
Chang Xuehua pointed out in his work report that the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC is an important milestone in China's economic transformation and upgrading, and high-quality development has become the main theme. The Central Economic Work Conference (CEWC) will give priority to promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in 2019. He emphasized that it is the sacred mission of Tianji Group to stand at a new starting point of reform and opening up, as a leading enterprise of nitro chemical industry in China, and to build a benchmark for the high-quality development of nitro chemical industry in China. The vast number of cadres and workers must take on a high degree of responsibility consciousness and mission, promote high-quality development with extraordinary strength and lasting efforts, walk in the forefront of the industry, form a high-quality development ridge model, in order to lead the way for another 30 years.
Chang Xuehua's "Tianji High Quality Development Model" in his work report refers to: strengthening the basic position of refined production, shape
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