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International High-end Leading Transformation and Upgrading

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After intensive research and development and extensive application test demonstration and promotion, Tianji Group developed and launched high-end compound fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer and soil conditioning agent "Tule Hui", which was well received by the vast number of users and became the "fragrant baboon" in the new high-end fertilizer market.
With the structural reform and development of agricultural supply side, reducing weight, increasing efficiency and improving quality have become the inevitable trend of green agriculture development. Tianji Group firmly grasps the main changes of new agriculture and the changing demand of chemical fertilizer market, takes strengthening the core competitiveness of high-end chemical fertilizer products as its grasp, and insists on "R&D, promotion, production and marketing of a batch of products, etc." A batch of long-term product strategic planning of technical reserve will optimize the layout of chemical fertilizer products in advance, ensure product innovation and market adaptability, lead the transformation and upgrading of high-end compound fertilizer, and achieve preliminary strategic expectations.
In the process of R&D, Tianji Group relies on the professional advantages of R&D centers, in accordance with the national agricultural production "two minus one increase" policy, aims at international high-end fertilizers, aims at high-end routes, locates high-end products, innovates R&D ideas and concepts, complements and cooperates precisely with the advantages of relevant research institutes, enterprises and institutions, and makes full use of Tianji. Nitrification and freezing process technology of nitrate phosphate fertilizer and its unique high-quality crystal calcium source, around the three major centers of "modification and upgrading of nitrate phosphate fertilizer, comprehensive utilization of crystal calcium and development of biological industry", adhering to the social responsibility of "consistent conscience manufacturing" for 30 years, R&D and launch a series of favorite by the market. High-end compound fertilizer products.
High-end compound fertilizer is an upgraded product of Tianji Nitrate Phosphate Fertilizer developed by Tianji Group R&D Center. The product takes Tianji Nitrate Phosphate Fertilizer as raw material, optimizes the proportion of medium and trace elements, contains unique polyphosphate, which can further improve crop absorption efficiency and fertilizer utilization rate, and has longer fertilizer efficiency. Through strict quality control system and high tower granulation process in shared factory, the product particles are more uniform, round and smooth, the strength is increased, the anti-caking and anti-powdering ability is greatly enhanced, and the appearance quality has been improved qualitatively. Because of the white background of the product's outer packaging and the two panda patterns printed in black and white, the product is cordially called "white panda" fertilizer in the Panda Fertilizer Series by the marketing staff. At present, there are four varieties with different ratios of "15-15-15", "16-16", "21-8-11" and "13-8-21".
Compound microbial fertilizer is a blue cat fertilizer in Panda Fertilizer Series. The outsourcing background of the product is light blue with two panda patterns in blue and black. It is a high-end fertilizer product that uses high-quality amino acid fermentation broth as raw material to improve fertilizer utilization by adding organic matter and microorganisms. It has the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition, soil improvement, water retention, drought resistance and stress resistance. It is a high-end fertilizer product in line with the national policy of "two minus one increase".
Bio-organic fertilizer is the "green panda" fertilizer in the "panda" fertilizer series. Its outsourcing background is green, with two green and black panda patterns printed on it. Using the activity of crystal calcium, the product can solve the problem of crop calcium deficiency, play the role of balanced supplement of crop nutrition, and has many advantages such as activating soil, increasing soil organic matter, regulating crop growth and resisting heavy stubble.
"Tule Hui" soil conditioner is a kind of soil conditioner with medium and trace elements which is developed by R&D center through its organic combination with organic matter and biological bacteria and the addition of medium and trace elements needed for crop growth. It can effectively remediate soil, reduce heavy metal pollution in soil and achieve nutrition. The trinity of conditioning and plant protection has the advantages of increasing crop yield and improving the quality of agricultural products.
These high-end chemical fertilizer products launched by Tianji Group, after nearly five years of R&D and promotion, not only have the original advantages of medium and trace elements, rare earth nitrate, high utilization rate of phosphorus nitrate compound fertilizer, but also have many new properties, such as improving soil, regulating crop growth and so on. The products have been widely used in economic crop regions of Liaoning, Fujian, Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangxi. It is comparable to imported high-end chemical fertilizers from the United States in terms of weight loss, efficiency improvement, crop quality improvement and soil conditions, and its price is more competitive. It is expected to become a substitute for imported high-end chemical fertilizers from abroad.
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