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Group Company's "Reform, Innovation and Promotion" Discus

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On the afternoon of March 29, the Party Committee of the company held a "reform and innovation, strive for success" seminar in the training room of the construction company to further guide and encourage the majority of cadres and workers to focus on reform and innovation, to match the advanced model, to set an example, and to help the company develop with high quality. Company leaders Zhang Health, Wanfachen, Ding Minggong, Guo Yuhong, Tian Zhibin and Li Jianchuan attended the meeting.
In his speech, Zhang Health, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the trade union, pointed out that since the great discussion of "reform, innovation and striving for success" has been carried out, the Party Committee of the company has conscientiously implemented the requirements of the deployment of the Party committees of the provincial and group companies and actively promoted all kinds of work. Holding this advanced typical report meeting is precisely the prescribed action and key link of the great discussion. It is also an important measure to motivate the majority of cadres and workers of the company to learn advanced and to be first-class in the bid. It is hoped that the majority of cadres and workers will consciously match the advanced model in the bid, carry forward the spirit of acting as a pioneer, stand on their posts and emancipate themselves. Thought, find the difference to make up for the shortcomings, work hard and make progress, in order to promote the high-quality development of Tianji to show new achievements.
At the meeting, Chen Liang, manager of equipment manufacturing company, Liang Shuzhi, director of finished product packaging factory, Cui Jian-gang, manager of construction company, Wang Gang, Minister of environmental protection and energy management, and Fan Shijie, deputy director of thermal power plant, compared "six breaks", "six efforts" and "six perseverances", respectively, from deepening reform, promoting innovation, strengthening basic management, and so on. The achievements and experience gained in exploiting the market and playing a vanguard and exemplary role were typically reported, which won strong resonance among the people present.
The vast number of workers have expressed that they will take the typical as a mirror and look ahead to the advanced, further emancipate the mind, change the style of work, strive for first-class standards and achievements, and devote wisdom and strength to Tianji for another 30 years.
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