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From Fertilizer Testing to Fertilizer Applying Techniques

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Southern Rural Newspaper (Reporter Liu Hongyuan) How to distinguish between true and false fertilizers? How on earth-testing formula fertilizer is suitable? These questions were answered on March 4 at the Guangdong Spring Farming Science and Technology Service Meeting of the Guangdong Group of the Ministry of Agriculture's "Hundred Townships and Ten Thousands of Households Survey". The standing deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the directly affiliated organs of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Guangdong Research Group led by Dr. Hu Yuankun, the deputy director of the cultivated land fertilizer master station of the Agricultural Department of Guangdong Province, the researcher Zhang Yucan, and the director of the Agricultural Bureau of Huidong County, Zeng Weikun, attended the meeting. At the same time, the meeting also attracted about 70 farmers from surrounding counties and towns to participate actively.
"The purpose of this meeting is to send science and technology to the countryside and fertilizer to the door." At the beginning of the meeting, Hu Yuankun introduced that the survey of "100 townships and 10,000 households" which started in 2011 has become a brand activity of the Ministry of Agriculture in-depth grassroots level. This year, 27 research groups have carried out one-month village-to-household visits in various places. Huidong is the first stop of the Guangdong Group's survey.
As the main potato producing area in Huidong, Guangdong Province, "rice-rice-potato" has become its unique cultivation mode. However, the survey shows that the excessive use of fertilizers in potato cultivation in the region has become an urgent problem to be solved in the development of the industry. "Fertilizer costs account for 35-40% of the total planting costs." From the beginning of the on-site training meeting, Zhang Yucan said that the safe use of fertilizers is the key to the healthy development of Huidong potatoes in the future. And in his view, the use of formula fertilizer is the fundamental way to solve the problem.
In the endless crop market of fake goods, it is undoubtedly of particular interest to farmers how to identify the authenticity of fertilizers. For this reason, Zhang Yucan summed up "three views and three tests" from his long-term practice. The third is to look at the packaging, shape, color and smell; the third is to test the authenticity by adding water to dissolve, burn and test.
"What's the right formula for my house?" For farmers'questions, Zhang Yucan said that although many farmers know that using formula fertilizer can improve crop resistance and reduce pesticide use, they still can not know what formula is. Therefore, Zhang Yucan suggested that farmers could participate in various kinds of training organized by the agricultural sector, Tiantou demonstration board, information disclosure column, fertilization recommendation card, or learn from the township agricultural office, agricultural technology station and County Agricultural Technology Extension center, or even take soil samples to County Agricultural Technology Center for testing.
Then, taking rice and potato as examples, Zhang Yucan explained in detail the whole solution of soil testing and formula fertilization, and the farmers attending the conference listened very carefully. Liu Wen District, deputy director and senior agronomist of Huidong Agricultural Technology Extension Center, shared the knowledge of correct use of pesticides in Rice under the topic of "Integrated Control of Crop Diseases and Pests".
After the on-site meeting, each farmer received a 30 yuan agricultural technology subsidy, as well as the original ecological trial formula fertilizer presented by Batian Eco-Engineering Co., Ltd. Some farmers said that experts were like hands-on teaching fertilizer knowledge. The site will be co-sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture's "Hundred Townships and Ten Thousands of Households" investigation team and Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture. The Agricultural Bureau of Huidong County, Huidong County Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Tieyong Town Government and Shenzhen Batian Ecological Engineering Co-sponsored.
Suggestions on Fertilization at Different Growth Stages of Rice
Base fertilizer: Applying nitrogen fertilizer accounted for about 30% - 40% of the total use, and applying phosphorus fertilizer in one time.
Huiqing Fertilizer (3-5 days after transplanting or 5 days after throwing seedlings): 40% of the total nitrogen fertilizer and 50% of the annual potassium fertilizer use;
Young panicle differentiation fertilizer (about one month after planting, after turning gramineous to red and irrigating in open-sun fields): 20% - 30% nitrogen fertilizer, and the remaining 50% potassium fertilizer

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